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At Melo Media, we are Zambia’s leading online social media platform that specialises in a wide range of services. 

From consultancy services like public relations and website development to training programs in effective communication and crisis management, we have you covered. 

Our expertise also extends to website development and management, live online streaming services, bespoke application and system development, events management, photography, media advertising and account management, media buying, database management, media account management, digital campaign management services, TV, radio, and print commercials advertisements, voiceover services, documentaries, and graphic design services. 

We promote our work through our social media portals and collaborate with other social media and print media platforms for advertising. We offer various advertising channels such as sponsored posts, website advertisements, TV and radio programs, bulk mail services, webinars, Zoom meetings, bulk messaging services, social media advertising channels, and social influencers. 

Our services are designed to cater to the unique requirements of individuals, corporate organizations, business entrepreneurs, public organizations, and non-government organizations. We go the extra mile to provide customised packages that perfectly suit your needs. 

In addition, we offer top-notch web hosting services and reliable corporate email hosting solutions.

Our exclusive additional services include securing copyrights, patents, barcodes, and consultancy services offered by social media experts. With our in-house team, we also conduct comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that involve implementation, monitoring, evaluating, and reporting online readership, review, and usage analytics for valuable insights and future improvements. 

Trust Melo Media for all your media needs.

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